It’s soccer’s newest power player; a ball called the socket generates and stores energy as players kick it, then provides energy at home. Fifteen minutes on the field ____1___ enough energy to power small light for three hours like India ___2___ kerosene, a leading cause of ____3____ illness and fires. Working on the principle of flashlights that charge when shaken, the socket is the ____4____ of Harvard students Jessica Lin, Julia Silverman, Jessica Matthews and Hemali Thakker and is being ___5___ by the Clinton Global Initiative University and the Walmart Foundation.


1      a. reserves b. stores c. conserves d. captures
2 a. restore b. replace c. supplant d. replace
3 a. Cardiac b. pulmonary c. respiratory d. cardio- vascular
4 a. inventory 
b. brainchild c. output d. achievement
5 a. promoted
b. funded
c. financed d. sponsored


English language and comprehension 2016

Answers ( 1 )

    2016-08-27 17:53:08
    1. B  (stores)
    2. C  (supplant)
    3. B  (pulmonary)
    4. B  (brainchild)
    5. B  (funded)

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