All the political parties of India appear lost in the ___1___ exercise of fighting elections. There is nothing ___2___ about a ___3___ for votes in a democracy s India as and must ___4___. But democracies defeat themselves when they are ___5___ with the ___6___ of politics and must forget its ___7__...

1.  a. barren b. dreary c. physical d. bleak
2. a. Incongruous b. Improper c. Improbable d. Impractical
3. a. thought b. concern c. worry d. care

a. defy

b. abide c. remain d. reside

a. overwhelmed

b. worried    c. concerned d. obsesses
6. a. body b. form c. idea d. frame
7. a. contempt b. contains c. contents d. contends
8. a. optimism b. positivism c. pessimism d. pragmatism
9. a. roots b. stems c. flowers d. branches
10. a. latent b. explicit c. hidden d. unconcealed


d. unconcealed

It’s soccer’s newest power player; a ball called the socket generates and stores energy as players kick it, then provides energy at home. Fifteen minutes on the field ____1___ enough energy to power small light for three hours like India ___2___ kerosene, a leading cause of ____3____ illness and...


1      a. reserves b. stores c. conserves d. captures
2 a. restore b. replace c. supplant d. replace
3 a. Cardiac b. pulmonary c. respiratory d. cardio- vascular
4 a. inventory 
b. brainchild c. output d. achievement
5 a. promoted
b. funded
c. financed d. sponsored